Wonder Zone - Year 2

  • Suzanne Bray

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Lorna Kite

    Class Teacher

Welcome to Wonder Zone! In our Year 2 class children hone the skills of independent learning and explore the curriculum through a creative and energetic approach.  Learning is driven by the enthusiasm of both staff and pupils, with quality talk promoting inquiry and reflection.  We recognise and celebrate the fact that we are all individuals and take time to listen to each other with thought and compassion.  Children are happy to acknowledge their mistakes as an essential and valuable part of their learning process, and the supportive and inclusive environment means that children become empowered, confident learners. 

Miss Bray, Mrs Kite and Mrs Patterson encourage rich conversations and facilitate the learning through the use of the 5 B’s – Brain, Bits & Bobs, Book, Buddy and Big.  The classroom is organised, colourful and a place of shared responsibility wherein children feel confident to ask for equipment, models and vocabulary to support their understanding. Children are encouraged to become "stretchy," curious learners who are always keen to explore the next steps in their learning journey.

 In addition, we are continuing to focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar with the aim of being really aware of the way in which sentences are crafted and words changed.  In maths, we are driving number patterns, times table facts and continuing to practice calculation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are many really useful websites that can support this learning and help your child continue to explore key concepts at home:


Teach my monster to read App






Mathletics: https://login.mathletics.com/

Times Tables Rockstars: https://ttrockstars.com/login




Potion Commotion Topic Launch! Autumn 2019
We started our first topic this year with a day to excite all of our senses! Children and teachers dressed up along a magical theme to find out more about potions and magic.
The day started with a potion making workshop with Mrs Kite and Mrs Patterson. After learning about the uses of common herbs they children began to devise their own potion for a friend or family member using a range of herbs, scented oils, coloured water and glitters. They labelled their potions for their chosen person and then told everyone else what effect they hoped the potion would have. 
The children then went on to Mr Birchall in the hall to make potion smoothies using a variety of ingredients, naming and trying their smoothie and assessing it. Some of the smoothies were surprising but the children really enjoyed giving them a try. 
After lunch the children enjoyed some time with Miss Neil who showed them how to make a wand, cutting, sticking and gluing materials to create their chosen effect. Finally the children wrote a potion with Miss Sumpter, recording the ingredients and  the ideas they had used when making their potions with Mrs Kite.  What a fun day! 
Dig For Victory! Summer 2019
Explosive New Topic Launch!
Our first day back after Easter saw Wonder Zone working with Ryan, a World War 2 expert, to explore the timeline of events leading up to the outbreak of war in Britain.  Children enjoyed an interactive assembly, followed by a hands on workshop relating to war on the Home Front.  Children learnt how to distinguish between two different types of air raid siren, and worked collaboratively on their own Morrison Shelters within the classroom!  Perhaps most exciting of all was the opportunity to handle historic artefacts that helped us broaden our knowledge of people's jobs during the war.  Among the amazing objects were field telephones, a replica incendiary bomb, a range of helmets belonging to soldiers, wardens and Fire Watchers, in addition to signalling lamps and gas masks.  Children then made detailed observations, wrote labels and generated statements about the things that they had seen.  What a brilliant start to Summer Term!
Family Art Project
A huge thank you to all families who have taken part in the family art challenge, and those who are continuing to work on their masterpieces at home this week!  The children have been really proud, motivated and excited about sharing their family history with others, and we look forward to collating all artworks in a Sithney Art Gallery over the next few weeks.  More information will follow.