Wonder Zone - Year 1 and 2

  • Sophie Sophie Hammond

    Class Teacher

Welcome to Wonder Zone! In our Year 1 and 2 class children hone the skills of independent learning and explore the curriculum through a creative and energetic approach.  Learning is driven by the enthusiasm of both staff and pupils, with quality talk promoting inquiry and reflection.  We recognise and celebrate the fact that we are all individuals and take time to listen to each other with thought and compassion.  Children are happy to acknowledge their mistakes as an essential and valuable part of their learning process, and the supportive and inclusive environment means that children become empowered, confident learners.

Mrs Hammond and Miss Jefferies encourage rich conversations and facilitate the learning through the use of the 5 B’s – Brain, Bits & Bobs, Book, Buddy and Big.  The classroom is organised, colourful and a place of shared responsibility wherein children feel confident to ask for equipment, models and vocabulary to support their understanding. The use of small steps and progression ladders are introduced so that children can see how they are progressing, and to help them understand their next steps.  This lends a greater sense of responsibility and independence to their learning and prepares pupils for moving into Key Stage 2.

In addition, we are continuing to focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar with the aim of being really aware of the way in which sentences are crafted and words changed.  In maths, we are driving number patterns, times table facts and continuing to practice calculation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are many really useful websites that can support this learning and help your child continue to explore key concepts at home:

Dear Parents/Carers,

During last term we had a real emphasis on settling children into Key Stage 1 and we all worked really hard to support your child’s transition into a more formal classroom environment. We would now like to support pupils in their next stage of independence and get them moving towards the Key Stage 1 expectation so we are writing to ask your support in the following:


Last term everyone was encouraged to read at home. Mrs Hammond was really pleased to hear about shared reading of library books, bedtime stories and magazines, in addition to some pupils accessing text on ipads.  However, now we are in Spring Term, we would really like to get children back into the Reading Scheme books as they directly support the Phonics teaching happening in school.  All children have a yellow reading journal and a record or log that lists titles within the reading stage.  Ideally, pupils will read with someone at home every night and this will see children changing their books every 3 to 5 days.  Every time you read with your child please date and sign their yellow reading record and please feel free to write a comment.  There will be a new display in class to help celebrate this achievement and to get children really exciting about home reading!  Later in the term, Mrs Hammond will be inviting Year 1 parents to an important meeting about reading and the Phonic Screening so watch this space!

Start of the Day

In Spring Term we have lots of focussed learning and small group teaching to help pupils make lots of progress. It is really important that children make a prompt and positive start to the day and again, we want children to develop their independence.  We would like to encourage children to start coming into the classroom on their own and we welcome you to say goodbye to your child at the double door entrance of the school.  Due to the restricted space in our corridor it can seem quite crowded and chaotic which is frightening for some children.  As we are nearly half way through the academic year (already!) it would support a calmer start if children could come in alone.  Should you arrive at school after the playground gate is closed, please leave your child in the care of Mrs Ames who will take their lunch order and take them to class.  This all goes towards a calm and happy start to learning.

We appreciate your support in this important matter,

Yours sincerely

Mrs Hammond