Study Zone - Year 5 and 6

  • Helen Neil

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Jenny Joyce

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Lara Dondiego

    Teaching Assistant

Welcome to the Study Zone!
The Study Zone is home to Year 5 and Year 6.  We know how important it is to be engaged with our learning, challenging our thinking and questioning our ideas.  We understand that discussion is an important aspect of our learning, helping us to see different perspectives, different methods of solving problems and also helping us to be open to exploring different ideas.
We like to work in a variety of ways: peer learning to share our understanding; talking buddies to think things through;  working in groups or individually to achieve our work.  We strive to be independent learners and know it is okay to get 'stuck', as we learn from our mistakes.  We mostly work at our tables but sometimes work together on the carpet in groups with the teacher. Some of us choose to work on the carpet during indepent tasks as we find this more comfortable and so can focus more easily.
Summer Term topic: Dig for Victory.  please see the topic map below for more detail.
 Summary of last term's topic learning (Spring 2019).
The children have been incredibly engaged and passionate about out topic work this term which began with our topic launch at Plymouth Aquarium. They have developed a clearer understanding of climate change and the effects it has on people and communities throughout the world, through a comparativej study in geography.  They have also researched facts regarding recycling and pollution to persuade people took after our environment. Many of the children chose to tackle the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans, not only being inspired and motivated by The Blue Planet documentary but also because of the location of where we live. They have become travel writers; have studied plants and animals, looking at life cycles; created a palindromic musical piece to represent a creature; and to finish the term off will be looking at how we can use and recycle every days items to make something new.
We have had some amazing homework coming in this term related to our Dog for Victory topic.  Lots of miniature victory gardens, artwork and baking.  Lots of time and effort given to completing work to a high quality. Well done to those of you who have already completed some of your tasks.  I look forward to seeing the rest by the end of term!
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