Study Zone - Year 5 and 6

  • Helen Neil

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Sam Graham

    Teaching Assistant (am)

  • Mrs Kim Whaley

    Teaching Assistant (pm)

Welcome to the Study Zone!
The Study Zone is home to Year 5 and Year 6.  We know how important it is to be engaged with our learning, challenging our thinking and questioning our ideas.  We understand that discussion is an important aspect of our learning, helping us to see different perspectives, different methods of solving problems and also helping us to be open to exploring different ideas.
We like to work in a variety of ways: peer learning to share our understanding; talking buddies to think things through;  working in groups or individually to achieve our work.  We strive to be independent learners and know it is okay to get 'stuck', as we learn from our mistakes.  We mostly work at our tables but sometimes work together on the carpet in groups with the teacher. Some of us choose to work on the carpet during independent tasks as we find this more comfortable and so can focus more easily.
Earth and Beyond Summer 2022
This term we will study light and space in science;, climate change in geography; the Ancient Maya in history; how to create an ebook in computing; create automatons in DT using our knowledge of cams to create a space themed toy and much more.  See the topic web in the next column for more information on other subjects. A jam-packed term of learning, inside and out!
Fair's Fair Spring 2022

This term our over-arching topic is Fair’s Fair.  Under this umbrella we will study Freedom: 1783 by Catherine Johnson to promote awareness and discussion around the Slavery Abolition Act.  We will also look at Fair Trade in geography: what it means, how it works and the benefits for the workers and communities these products come from.  In D+T we will look at how food is grown locally and use local produce to prepare soup and a bread roll.  Art will focus on sketching and painting through the technique and style of Van Gogh. We will use either local or fair-trade produce for work on ‘still life’.  In music we will compose our own fair-trade song and perform to each other.  Please see the topic web for more information on other subjects.

Vikings and Anglo Saxons /Journeys - Autumn 2021
Welcome back everyone!  Hopefully you've had a fun summer holiday and are ready to get back into school routine!  This term we will be studying the Vikings and Anglo Saxons in history and our English will very much link with this, especially in the first half term, where we will be looking at the Anglo Saxon story, Beowulf.  In art, we will develop our sketching and collage skills, using Vikings and Viking long boats as a stimulus, and outdoor learning will also link to this topic.  In computing, we will be building on your knowledge of Scratch as a coding programme and will look at JavaScript and Python to begin to understand these coding programs more and how they are used.
Our Guided Reading book for the term is Cogheart by Peter Bunzl and we will also be looking at some non-fiction and poetry texts to broaden your range of reading.
Look at the Topic web for an overview of what we will be studying in other subjects.  
This term’s Guided reading book is Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.  The stroy is about a rather tall boy who is mistaken for an adult, which gets him in to all sorts of space trouble!  
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