Study Zone - Year 5 and 6

  • Helen Neil

    Class Teacher

  • Mrs Jenny Joyce

    Teaching Assistant (am)

  • Mrs Kim Whaley

    Teaching Assistant (pm)

Welcome to the Study Zone!
The Study Zone is home to Year 5 and Year 6.  We know how important it is to be engaged with our learning, challenging our thinking and questioning our ideas.  We understand that discussion is an important aspect of our learning, helping us to see different perspectives, different methods of solving problems and also helping us to be open to exploring different ideas.
We like to work in a variety of ways: peer learning to share our understanding; talking buddies to think things through;  working in groups or individually to achieve our work.  We strive to be independent learners and know it is okay to get 'stuck', as we learn from our mistakes.  We mostly work at our tables but sometimes work together on the carpet in groups with the teacher. Some of us choose to work on the carpet during independent tasks as we find this more comfortable and so can focus more easily.
Vikings and Anglo Saxons /Journeys - Autumn 2021
Welcome back everyone!  Hopefully you've had a fun summer holiday and are ready to get back into school routine!  This term we will be studying the Vikings and Anglo Saxons in history and our English will very much link with this, especially in the first half term, where we will be looking at the Anglo Saxon story, Beowulf.  In art, we will develop our sketching and collage skills, using Vikings and Viking long boats as a stimulus, and outdoor learning will also link to this topic.  In computing, we will be building on your knowledge of Scratch as a coding programme and will look at JavaScript and Python to begin to understand these coding programs more and how they are used.
Our Guided Reading book for the term is Cogheart by Peter Bunzl and we will also be looking at some non-fiction and poetry texts to broaden your range of reading.
Look at the Topic web for an overview of what we will be studying in other subjects.  

Ancient Greeks/Forces - Summer 2021 1st half

This term we will be delving into the past and finding out how the Ancient Greeks lived and how they have influenced the modern day world.  The pupils will apply their learning to create their own Ancient Greek webpage in computing. We will be creating some Greeks Masks using modroc, designing our own vases and will develop our sketching and observation skills by drawing 'still life' in art.  In D+T we will be learning about pulleys and levers, creating our own mechanisms in the classroom and hopefully as part of our outdoor learning - this will link to the building of temples in Ancient Greece.

In Science, forces and electricity are the focus of learning and children will be planning and carrying out investigations of their own.  Work by Heath Robinson will inspire additional art work and link to D+T.

In English we are using Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief as a class study to develop grammar and narrative and will move onto non-chronological reports, linking to our work in computing.  In guided reading we are studying 'Who Let the Gods Out? along with non-fiction texts related to the topic.

Also this term, the children will be partaking in Bikeability and outdoor first aid.


The Great Outdoors - Spring 2021

This term’s topic will see the pupils exploring the National Parks of Britain through their geography learning, considering what and where they are, and who they are for.  They will also be developing their own designs for shelters and will be exploring the work of Vivaldi in music, specifically his interpretation of Winter.  In science the pupils will learn about animal and plant life cycles, along with the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals. In English they will begin with a study of the Jungle Book and will progress onto persuasive writing, thinking about what we can do to protect our environment.  

In R.E. we will be looking at Incarnation in Christianity and the Torah for Judaism.  In PSHE we will focus on Living in the Wider World, thinking about our rights and responsibilities along with money matters.


WWI - Autumn Term 2020 

Welcome back!

It has been a difficult last few months with the Covid 19 lockdown restrictions but I hope you are all excited and ready to return to school to see you friends and continue your learning. 

Pupils, please use the Google Classroom to access homework, messages and other resources.

This term’s topic is The Great War (World War I).  We will be finding out about different aspects of WWI, from how it all began to life on the Western Front,  the roles of animals, the advancements made in warfare, life at home in Britain and how it came to an end.  In English, we will study War Horse by Michael Morpurgo, link some non-fiction writing to our history work and read some WWI poetry.  Our Art will focus on how the war was recorded, looking specifically at the work of John Nash and in music, we hope to learn some WWI songs, if we are permitted to sing. 

Also this term, we will be looking at classification in science, mental health and drug education in PSHE, and aspects of Christianity and Islam in RE.

Fair's Fair - Spring Term 2020
We will be looking at the importance of fairness this term and the topic web for this can be found below.  To support our work we will be going on a school trip to the Eden Project, as a, school, where the children will participate in workshops.  This will link in closely to the work we are doing with the Virtues Project and the children have already discussed this in relation to the environment and climate change - a topic close to their hearts.
Potion Commotion - Autumn 2019
Welcome back! I hope you all had a great summer break and are now ready to dive back into your learning.  This term's topic is 'Potion Commotion' and we have some interesting units of work to immerse ourselves into.  Please see the topic map on this page to explore the ideas we talked about.  Remember, the first Monday back is our topic launch day so have your costumes at the ready. We will be making willow wands; creating incredible spells and concocting some magical potion smoothies to tickle your tastebuds!  
26th September - a great day was had by all.  The children attended the National Trust Outdoor Festival held on the Penrose estate.  They experienced beekeeping, slack-lining, spear throwing, storytelling, campfire cooking, dissecting owl pellets and participating in a sensory experience.  A few photos have been added to the class page below, but for more photos please go to: Learning, Curriculum, Nation Trust page on the school website.
 Summary of Summer Term Topic - Dig for Victory.
What a wonderful end to the summer term.  The children have been like sponges, soaking up the learning and really engaging with the work. They have shared family stories of WWII, completed homework projects and spending lots of their own time researching and reading book about the war.  We've made some fantastic and tasty WWII recipes; focused on proportion and observational skills with our sketching of aircraft; created batik bunting; learnt about rationing and the home guard; created war poetry and  much more.  
We're now looking forward to our next topic 'Potion Commotion' in September.
This year for world book day we shared the book 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs' by Jon Scieszka. This book tells the story from the wolf's point of view and he states that he was framed!  He didn't intentionally kill any pigs, he was just asking for some sugar to make his dear old grannies birthday cake! 
The children split into two groups to put forward arguments as either the prosecutors or defenders, for a trial to determine whether Mr. Alexander T. Wolf was innocent or guilty.  Both sides presented excellent arguments, using evidence to support their findings.  The teaching staff acted as judge and jury and came to the conclusion, from the evidence put before them, that the wolf was indeed GUILTY!
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