Smart Zone - Year 3 and 4

  • Matt Birchall

    Class Teacher

Welcome to Smart Zone!

We enjoy investigating and exploring our learning adventure, growing our independence and developing our life-skills as we make the transition into KS2. We access a number of exciting and practical topics which support our movement and progression through the National Curriculum.

The main philosophy of our class is about taking control and ownership of our learning. We all have responsibilities and work hard to both update and manage our learning environment so that it actively supports our learning.

We have a variety of practical ways in which we complete learning tasks from group and individual investigations to partner work and adult supported activities. We promote making sensible choices about what is right for our learning and this will include where we sit, as there are a number of ‘break out’ comfy areas for the children to use in addition to tables / chairs and an ICT suite.

Pop along and join us on our adventure – you’re more than welcome…

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