Our School Offer for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Sithney School:

  • puts children at the heart of the learning process
  • gives children the opportunity to initiate learning experiences and follow lines of enquiry
  • allows adults to use observation and assessment to plan further learning experiences, correct misconceptions, establish possible lines of development and identify next steps for learning
  • develops the core learning skills of children by listening to their dialogue and then providing opportunities that will facilitate their learning further
  • ensures all aspects of the curriculum (EYFS and NC) can be met through a play based, stimulating and exploratory learning environment
  • encourages children to be independent, self-motivated and reflective learners
  • Ms Helen Neil

    Senior Lead Teacher S.E.N.D Co

Support in Cornwall - This website is for residents of Cornwall requiring care and support. Including information on 'local SEND offer'