Science Implementation

Science units are linked to the class topic where appropriate to ensure the learning is meaningful and relevant whilst the rolling programme ensures full coverage across the curriculum. Science is taught to ensure scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding of all primary aspects of biology, chemistry and physics. This includes accurate understanding and use of subject specific vocabulary in both written work and discussion in class. This key vocabulary is reflected on learning walls and displays. Each unit of work aims to have at least one link with a key feature of scientific enquiry and may include observing, identifying, classifying, comparing, researching and fair testing. Fair testing is presented as 5 areas: question, prediction, method (including equipment), results and conclusion. Pupils progress from identifying variables (what to change, what to keep the same and what to measure) to designing their own tests. Specific maths skills are used to collect, present and analyse data from fair testing. Where relevant links are made with uses and implications of science today.

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