Whole School Topics

Spring 2020
 Fair's Fair
 What makes something fair trade? This will be one aspect of learning that pupils will be exploring this term through their topic of 'Fair's Fair'.  Pupils will explore what trade is (starting with the old trade routes of the Silk Road), learn about fair trade products, follow the journey of a banana and compare the lives of fair trade farmers to those who are not.  We will be visiting the Eden Project, engaging in workshops which will enhance the learning of all pupils in the school.  This learning will link to other curriculum areas, such as PSHE, art, D+T, maths, computing and music.  See individual classes for topic webs.
Autumn 2019
Potion Commotion

This term’s topic ‘Potion Commotion’ got off to a magical start with our launch day full of exciting activities.  We had children making beautiful willow wands, brewing nutritious smoothies, concocting incredible potions and composing wondrous incantations!

Throughout this term the children will encounter stories from a wide variety of books, including Harry Potter. George’s Marvellous Medicine, Magical Muddle and the Dream Giver.  In our foundation subjects we will be looking at the magic of nature: rivers, volcanoes, earthquakes and the weather and lots more.  Please see individual class pages for more detail.

Summer 2019

Dig for Victory:

A fantastic launch for our topic ‘Dig for Victory’ this summer term, with workshops looking at WWII artefacts, air raids and rationing.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be learning about the Homefront, developing an understanding of what life was like for those not fighting on the Front Line, culminating in a ‘Victory in Europe’ celebration at the end of the term.  Children will experience cooking war time recipes; learn about evacuees, rationing, the land army and the home guard; designing victory gardens and allotments; crack codes; grow their own vegetables and much more.

Spring 2019

The Blue Planet

In Spring 2019 the whole school theme is The Blue Planet.  To launch this theme, Reception children enjoyed a trip to the local Seal Sanctuary and the remainder of the school took the much longer journey to the Plymouth Aquarium.  All children participated in workshops designed to help them develop a greater understanding of the oceans and the creatures within them.

This has inspired their writing in English, from creating non-chronological reports about marine mammals to persuasive texts regarding climate change, recycling and the pollution of our seas.  They have also studied the effects of climate change on communities around the world, looked at sustainable living and learnt about the coast that surrounds us. The pupils have become very passionate about wanting to protect our world for the future.

Autumn 2018
Voyage of Discovery
In Autumn Term 2018, the whole school theme was Voyage of Discovery. 
Through-out this topic, the pupils explored the journeys that people have made, from the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and discoveries made by Darwin on the Beagle, to how life progressed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, and how a Roman slave became a gladiator.
Each class began by looking at the story 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. KS1 explored this further by creating their own journeys and adventures using the world of their imaginations.