Learning in our school

Our curriculum has been judged as 'outstanding' by Ofsted in 2015

The approach we already use:

  •        Start topic using a curriculum map and what the pupils tell us they would like to            investigate
  •        Ensure progression
  •        Great, exciting launch
  •        We let pupils steer their learning
  •        Reinforcing skills
  •        We don't over plan so as to allow for flexibility and curiosity
  •        We build momentum

Purpose and aspirations:

  •        To develop children's purpose of learning and expand their aspirations.
  •        Advance organisers
  •        To have purpose in what they are doing
  •        To use a knowledge harvest to find out what is already known and identify new learning.
  •        To use mind maps to support thinking.
  •        To identify and link future learning opportunities independently.

Building learning power

  •        To develop children as independent learners with resilience.
  •        To celebrate uniqueness and strengths.
  •        To support tricky areas of learning.
  •        To celebrate even the smallest learning moment.

Cognitive challenge

  •        Intellectual challenge.
  •        Closed / open activities in small steps.
  •        Powerful questioning.

Maximise environment

  •        A range of places to sit, think and learn.
  •        Powerful, respectful dialogue between adults and pupils.
  •        Small steps planning where pupils can develop at an individual pace.
  •        Role play opportunities.
  •        Outdoor learning opportunities and regular visits off site.
  •        Availability of quality, well cared for resources.
  •        Continuous provision.
  •        Highly skilled and motivated staff.
  •        Joy and humour in everything we do!