Message about home learning during school closure January 2021

Home Learning

Thank you to everyone who is supporting their child’s home learning while they are not in school. We recognise the challenges this brings to some families and will do everything we can to support you. If you are having difficulties logging into Google Classroom, please email your child’s class teacher and they will support you.

There is an expectation from school and the government that home learning is accessed by all pupils if they are not attending school. This is essential for your child to continue to make progress and not fall behind academically. Teachers are committed to ensuring quality provision for all pupils in these times and will work with you and your child to set appropriate work and provide feedback to ensure progress is made. Staff recognise the tremendous effort pupils are making and will continue to acknowledge pupils for effort, achievement and evidence of virtues.

Teachers will be planning a variety of activities including some live sessions with their class or a small group. Teachers will also be expecting pupils to log into live registration each morning to ensure they are ready for their learning. In addition, there will be pre-recorded sessions, power-point presentations, pdf uploads and links to relevant videos which can be accessed to support the learning. Please log in each day with your child to ensure your child is accessing everything they need.

Devices to access home learning

We recognise that for some families these are challenging times and that home learning can be a juggle, especially if you are working from home or have more than one child accessing home learning, possibly on one device, but time invested now will help to ensure your child stays on track. If you do not have a device at all or your children are sharing a device between 3 or more members of the household, please email me on I am not able to promise anything but we will do our best to prioritise demand on a needs basis and support you where possible.