Forest School

Forest School

Forest School at Sithney and Garras Aiming to Enable, Enrich, and Inspire


Forest School offers an outdoor learning environment for School and Pre-School children. By removing the constraints of a classroom setting, but retaining the conduct, thought and care practised there, the children are able to explore and guide their own learning; expanding their knowledge of the natural world, the woodland environment, and discovering the spiritual, historical, biological, and mythological significance of this diverse habitat.

Lesson plans are linked to the national curriculum and to the EYFS Framework and are designed/tailored to be compatible with the children’s areas of study/season/topics in the classroom.


Throughout this year each child from Sithney School and Garras School have accessed six forest school sessions which are tailored to promote the development of practical investigative skills in addition to healthy lifestyles.


Within these sessions at Crenver Grove the following activities have been covered:

• Health and safety within a woodland environment.

• Fire making and lighting.

• Orienteering and compass work.

• Clay sculpture and carving (Diva lamps and carrot whistles).

• Species / habitat classification.

• Team games and individual balance challenges.

• Book making and leaf printing.