Wheels Wednesdays

27th February 2017

Wheels Wednesdays

We are currently developing our school approach to cycling to incorporate and start supporting younger children with developing their cycling and balance skills. To this end we have purchased a number of balance bikes and key staff have received training so that we can incorporate balanceability into the PE curriculum. Balanceability helps to prepare children for bikeability, the next stage of cycle training which will be taking place for year 5 and 6 in June.

In a recent survey the children indicated that they would like to have more opportunity to develop their cycle skills and balanceability is one of the ways we are trying to promote this. In addition, we would like to provide children with the opportunity to practise these skills during their break times through ‘Wheels Wednesdays’.

From the 8th March we will be zoning off the playground every Wednesday break (10.30-10.45) to provide an area for children who have brought in their bikes, trikes, scooters, roller skates or in-line skates to school (no other wheeled equipment please). Children who have brought in an appropriate piece of equipment (with helmet) will then be able to use these during their Wednesday break time. This will alternate between EYFS/KS1 and KS2 to avoid overcrowding. The first session on the 8th March will start with EYFS/KS1 with KS2 the following week. We would also encourage children who bring in a wheeled piece of equipment to ride it to school, this could involve parking at the Crown Inn and riding down the path to the school whilst being supervised by an adult. Any wheeled equipment can be stored to the left of the Elliot huts and helmets can be left ready on children’s hooks outside classrooms.

We are looking at further developing the playground to include a cycle store and cycle markings and we hope that you will encourage your child to take part in ‘Wheels Wednesdays’ so we can grow this key life skill together.