Pupil Premium

You may have heard of a sum of money called the 'Pupil Premium'.  This  is money delegated from the central Government to schools, based on a number of measures.  These measures include eligibility for Free School Meals, children whose parents are in the Armed Forces and children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months.

We spend our Pupil Premium money on ensuring that EVERY child makes expected or better progress.

We monitor these interventions closely, ensuring that they are effective and that children make the additional progress they need to make in order to catch up.

The expected progress in one year is 3 points. At our school, we strive to make 4 points in order to build in either catching up, or adding value.

Of our pupils entitled to Pupil Premium Money, most children made 4 or more points progress last year in Reading, Writing and Numeracy. This shows that we have got the process right and that if we effectively intervene before the gap is established, we can quickly close it and go on to ensure that those children have the value added to their primary education.